Loughborough Stargazing Night

Loughborough Stargazing Night
Posted on 10/04/2019

Primary Family Stargazing Evening

Where: Frontenac Park 

When: Wednesday, October 9 from 7-8pm (watch for raindate)

We are lucky to have two special guests to our school for this Optional Evening Event. Guy Nason will be bringing his telescope and his expertise to teach us about Saturn and constellations that are easily visible in our fall sky. Bond Strand will be sharing indigenous constellation stories. 

Special Instructions: 

1) We will split into two groups with one starting with Guy and the other starting with Bond and we will switch at 7:30pm. 

2) Parents will need to stay with their children. Please note, we will need both children and parents to be great listeners in order to make the most of this opportunity to learn.

3) Please dress very warmly. You may also like to bring blankets or lawn chairs to sit on. You will perhaps want a flashlight to find your way back to your car.

Thank you,

S. Isbell