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Challenge North!30092014_32330_7.pngLoughborough Public School 1915 - 2017


Hello New Grade 7s for 2017-2018!

Welcome to your 7C homepage!  It's here that you can click to find trip forms, homework and other updates.  Please teach your parents how to find this page too ;)

I hope you have enjoyed a wonderful summer and have been looking forward to a great year.  Grade 7 is a time for you to try lots of new things and step outside of your comfort zone, so consider the question, "How do you want to grow as a person this year?"


I have gotten some very positive feedback from last year's parents who used an app called "Remind".  This allows me to text all of you when I have reminders and important messages.  To sign up for notifications, please visit
Or, better yet, enter this number on your phone 613-777-7059, then text @7h3896

Please keep checking in here and click on the homework link to see assignments and some blogging about our school day activities.

Of course, you are also always welcome to call me at school to chat. 613-376-3848

First Day

We start at 8:10am and finish our day at 2:30pm.  Please walk to the intermediate school yard and wait for the bell with your new classmates and the grade 8s there.  A yard supervisor will always be on duty here when you arrive.  When the bell goes, I'll show you where we line up beside those zany grade 8s.  

Please have a way of managing your time.  Keeping track of assignments and upcoming events is an important way to reduce stress and to achieve your best work.  Whether you use a traditional agenda or a device with a calendar and electronic reminders, be sure to have something to stay organized.

Gym Clothes

When we have PE we have a lot of fun and move.  People often sweat more as they get into older grades like 7/8.  To help you get the most out of gym we ask you to bring some shorts or sweats to change into before and after gym.  You should also have running shoes for PE.

Homework Assignment

Please take some time to reflect on and respond to the questions I've listed below.  You can include pictures and respond creatively if you feel like it, or, if writing descriptively is the right tool for the job, please do.  

  • What would be the most useful thing for me to know about you as a student?
  • What do you wish was different about school?
  • Describe a moment in school last year when you felt really engaged. Why do you think that moment was such a positive one for you?
  • What do you think teachers think about you, and what do you wish they'd think about you?
  • Tell me about a teacher who you feel knew you well. What kind of student were you in his or her class? What did he or she do to get to know you?
  • If you could build a school, what would it look like?
  • What do you wish I would ask you so that I can be a good teacher for you?
  • What makes a weekend day great for you?
Also... We are looking for 2L pop bottles for some science experiments!  We will definitely need some of these to be clear, rather than green, but some green ones would be great too.

Grit and...                                                                                                 Growth Mindset

27012016_40935_0.jpg27012016_41023_1.jpg  - Check out our class on CKWS

30092014_40823_0.jpgEn route to our second campsite!
30092014_31259_0.jpgHarvest time at our Grace Community Garden.  All our produce goes to the local food bank or seniors day program at the Grace Centre.  

30092014_31407_1.jpg30092014_31509_2.jpgExpert market gardener, Janette Haase, guides and teaches us about food production.

30092014_31622_3.jpgThe world needs more kale!
30092014_31828_4.jpg30092014_33455_9.jpgStudies show that people who get their hands in the soil tend to be happier.

30092014_33756_10.pngWorking in the greenhouse, 30092014_33857_11.jpgand finding treasure...
Learning from our elders while working with nature.  Many of the volunteers at this garden are from grades 7 and 8, but not all.  Several retired members of the community help to teach and work in the garden also, making it a place where community itself is cultivated.
30092014_34528_13.jpg30092014_34630_14.jpg30092014_34728_15.jpg30092014_34815_16.jpg30092014_34848_17.jpg30092014_34932_18.jpg30092014_35011_19.jpg30092014_35050_20.jpg30092014_35137_21.jpg30092014_35223_22.jpg30092014_35258_23.jpgArt in the style of Andy Goldsworthy.30092014_35442_25.jpg

Check out this great photo that Alex took through a microscope using her iPod.  These are the mouth parts of a mosquito.  As well as learning how to use microscopes and create scientific drawings of specimens, we are taking water samples from the closed ecosystems we made last week and finding there is a lot of life below the surface of these pond cultures.  

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