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Parent Council supports school naturalization project
Phase 1 of the LPS Schoolyard Naturalization Project, spearheaded by teachers Alan Macdonald, Sharon Isbell and Andrea Woogh, is now complete. In the spring of 2016, volunteers including school staff, parent council, parents and community members came out oto help plant 38 trees and construct three raised garden beds. The project is meant to overhaul of the green space at Loughborough and make it a more welcoming and natural space for students to play and learn.

In addition to trees (12 linden, 12 locust, 10 silver maple, 4 sugar maple), the project also includes some outdoor classroom spaces and the addition of Buddy Benches - a simple idea to eliminate loneliness and foster friendship on the playground - that were built by students at Sydenham High School. An additional 30 limestone armour stones were also placed around the area.

The entire project has a value of about $15,000. Parent Council funded a significant portion of this project ($4,000). The remaining amount was supplemented with grant funding from other sources and generous donations of product and time at cost by Silverbrook Gardens (Darryl Silver) and Sydenham Landscape Products (Mike Gossage).