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Our School Policies

Students are not permitted to use electronic equipment during instructional times.  Students who choose to bring their IPods, Nintendo DS, cell phones or other electronics will be asked to keep them in a secure location during class time. Cell phones must be turned off for the day, as per LDSB policy, and stored in a secure location.   If seen, the phones will be taken and stored in the office until the end of the day.  Students are also reminded that the school is not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged items. We appreciate your understanding and support.  Please note, these expectations may change as policies and procedures are reviewed.

Appropriate Dress Policies

The following is our Dress Code which follows the Board’s Appropriate Dress Policy. It is meant as a guideline in the assessment of appropriate dress for all members of Loughborough Public School, including students, staff and volunteers. It is to be noted that the interpretation of these guidelines is at the discretion of the staff.                                               
Members of the school community are required to:

        Be neat, clean and well groomed in overall appearance.
        Remove ball caps and other hats upon entering the school, unless worn for school spirit days or other special events.
        Members of the school community must refrain from wearing clothing or accessories which:

                Do not appropriately cover undergarments (bras and underwear should not be seen)
                Display content which is offensive to any individual or group, including but not limited to material which is racist, sexist or homophobic, or implies such;
                Promotes unlawful activities or unwholesome life style, including but not limited to material which features illicit drugs, alcohol, guns or other weapons;
                Displays profanity or implied profanity;
                Is unduly distracting, including but not limited to dress which is sexually provocative, torn or ragged - this means that torsos be covered and shorts and skirts be of appropriate, modest length (mid-thigh);
                Is unhealthy, unhygienic or unsafe, including but not limited to bare feet, metal or other sharp adornment;
                Is reflective of violent or anti-social culture, including but not limited to steel toe caps, gang related symbols or insignia.

The consequences of wearing any of the above will be at the discretion of the individual staff or of the vice-principal or principal, but could include surrendering of accessories, wearing of t-shirts inside out, covering up with jackets or sweaters or being sent home to change (in extreme cases).

Thank you for your support in making our school a safe and respectful teaching and learning environment.

Lunch Hour

Students may not leave the school grounds unless accompanied by a parent/guardian.

Last Modified: Sep 07, 2010
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