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Maker Faire- April 4th

Maker Faire Family Project

Due: Wednesday April 4th

On Wednesday April 4th, our class will be participating in a school wide Maker Faire.  Maker Faire is a showcase of individual projects that involve STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Mathematics) activities.  We will be spending some time in school discussing and researching the projects that each individual student will be working on.  The bulk of the project will be completed at home however.  Parental involvement is encouraged.  This is an excellent opportunity to create and learn together as a family!

What are we looking for?

Each project will be very individualized. Finished projects will be a reflection of the course your child’s learning has taken. Your child should be prepared to talk about his/her initial question and learning. This is not a competitive event, but truly a celebration of learning and an opportunity to share with peers.

How do we begin?
  • Together with your child, check out Mr. Macdonald’s blog to get some ideas: http:/ Also search STEAM activities for children.
  • Decide on your child’s area of interest/questions they want answered in the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art or Mathematics.
  • Spend some time researching/building/creating/experimenting in order to answer your initial questions. Record your learning process through photos, notes, etc..
  • Create a finished project.
Celebration of Learning: April 4th
Students across the school will bring in their projects to share.  More information to follow about an evening showcase for parents.